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About Us

With our cumulative knowledge of manufacturing and engineering methodologies, we take pride in offering outstanding troubleshooting skills. We bring years of experience in materials science, wear and corrosion, process engineering, defect metrology and control.  We understand finite element analysis FEA and failure mode event analysis FMEA. 

Associates skills include expertise in  CAD, 3D Modelling, CNC Machining, Prototype strategy and design, as well as transition to volume manufacturing.  We have lived with the advantages of " just in time " JIT strategies, and solved time critical problems resulting from unexpected failures .   We know that holding a complex production line  "constant" requires controls and measurements at each step.  We know that suppliers, and their suppliers, perform a vital role in quality control.

Our strategy is to be predictive, thereby avoiding critical failures.



Principal: Tom Deacon  SB, SM   M.I.T.  with decades of experience in semiconductor process and equipment.  Holder of of approximately 10 US and Japanese patents.   Expertise in experimental design, creative problem solving, identifying limits and blocks to conceptual thinking.      Cell:  408 373 5818

Principal:  Mark McCollum Ph.D.  a senior  professional in  semiconductor processing for silicon and III-V's .  Highly regarded as an outstanding  trainer and communicator of technical concepts.    Cell: 303 564 5971